Breast Augmentation in Atlanta, GA

Is an underdeveloped bust detracting from your appearance? Regain your self-confidence with breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor at Atlanta APC Plastic Surgery in Georgia. Our modern and comfortable office caters to residents of Buckhead, Atlanta, Marietta, Sandy Springs, and nearby areas in Georgia.

What is a breast augmentation/breast enlargement?

Many people refer to breast augmentation as a “boob job,” but medically it is known as augmentation mammoplasty, and may be performed using either saline-filled or silicone-filled implants. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that enhances the breasts by augmenting size and volume. Breast augmentation may also alter the shape and protrusion of the breasts.

Why do women choose Breast Augmentation?

Patients choose this procedure for multiple reasons: some want to increase their size, some want to recover lost volume after weight loss or pregnancy, some want to create symmetry or lift and firm the breast, and some want to rebuild the breast after cancer. Breast augmentation is best for those who are seeking improvement, not perfection.

What is the goal of Breast Augmentation?

Many women yearn for a fuller figure with more voluminous breasts to improve their overall appearance, particularly when wearing certain garments. Breast augmentation surgery can give you larger, fuller breasts to help improve your overall figure and boost your self-esteem. Breast augmentation may also alter the shape, volume, and protrusion of your breasts, achieving a totally personalized enhancement.

Who should consider Breast Augmentation?

Almost any healthy adult who feels her breasts are too small may be an excellent candidate for breast augmentation; however, breast augmentation is most suited for patients seeking the following enhancements:

  • Increase the size, volume, and fullness of one or both breasts
  • Restore volume and fullness lost due to pregnancy and lactation
  • Reduce sagging resulting from dramatic weight loss
  • Rejuvenate breasts that have lost volume due to aging
  • Restore breast volume lost as a result of a mastectomy
  • Augment breast volume and fullness in transgender women
  • Balance breasts that are lopsided or asymmetrical
  • Balance the body’s overall proportions

Many of our patients also elect to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation to prevent premature sagging and support the augmented size and volume of their new breasts.

How is Breast Augmentation performed?

Before the surgery takes place, Dr. Bootstaylor and the patient will discuss objectives, the best implant to use, and where to make the incision. Implants vary by filler and in size and will be based on the patient’s breast anatomy, body type and desired an increase in size. Incisions can be made where the chest meets the breast, around the areola, in the armpit, or in the navel.

Working through the incision, the patient’s breast tissue will be lifted to create a pocket, and then the chosen implant will be positioned within this pocket. The surgery is typically completed in one to two hours and is done under general anesthesia.

Dr. Bootstaylor performs surgical procedures at Emory University Hospital Midtown, Piedmont Hospital, Northside Hospital, Lake Spivey Ambulatory Surgery Care, LLC, and WellStar Windy Hill Hospital.

How quickly will I heal after Breast Augmentation?

The good news is that most patients are able to return to work within a few days. But during the first 24 to 48 hours, patients typically feel sore and tired. Medication can help control almost any discomfort during this recovery period. The stitches will be removed in a week to 10 days, and within three to five weeks all swelling should be gone.

Are there any risks with Breast Augmentation?

As with any operation, there are risks associated with surgery and specific complications associated with this procedure. The most common problem is something called capsular contracture. It occurs if the scar or capsule around the implant begins to tighten and can be treated in several ways. Excessive bleeding, swelling, and infection are also possible, but certainly not likely. The majority of patients do not experience these or any other complications. However, these and any other possible risks will be fully discussed prior to surgery.

Atlanta APC Plastic Surgery is passionately committed to reflecting your inner beauty. Using the latest and most advanced procedures for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, our team provides excellence in breast augmentation surgery, emphasizing overall health and wellness. Our facility caters to patients who live in Atlanta, Buckhead, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, and surrounding areas in Georgia. Contact us today for a consultation!

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Wrong made Right "Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor and her staff were amazing. They made each visit a good experience. After losing weight I did not feel at all good about my appearance. Dr. Bootstaylor did an amazing job turning my dream body into reality. I really love my finished results. I feel amazing and my confidence level has shot up 100%. Thinking back on everything, I feel I made the right decision choosing Dr. Bootstaylor. I would definitely recommend her to others." by Detric R.
SHE GOT ME SUPER TIGHT "Dr. Bootstaylor is SUPER AMAZING!! Love this Lady. She and her staff Chelsey are very professionAL and trustworthy. If she says it, you can count on it. She performed the best muscle repair EVER. I’ve got my figure back… :-)" by D.C.
My New Look "Very pleased with my results if I had to do it all over again I would!!!!!!!" by Diana Frazier
Best thing I have ever done! "Dr. Bootstaylor is amazing in her profession! I am considering going back to have more work done of other parts of my body! I just love her style and her work!" by M Freeman
Thanks again "I must say I love Dr Bootstaylor and her staff. She made me feel very comfortable and confident. My breasts are absolutely beautiful. Thanks again" by Chandra Mayo
My procedure was a tremendous success "My procedure was a tremendous success, as I knew it would be, and I will continue to recommend the doctor and her staff to anyone who is considering plastic surgery." by P. P.
My results have changed my life "I couldn’t have dreamed of better breasts. They are exactly what I wanted and I almost do not recognize my breasts in the mirror now. Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor took the time to explain the entire procedure to me on our first consult day and answer all of my questions. I loved the all-female office. I always felt comfortable. My results have changed my life. I am able to fit into clothes I never would have been able to wear." by M. F.
Thank you for sharing your gift with me "You have a gift! Thank you for sharing it with me." by A. B.
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Your spirit is exceptional. "Your spirit is exceptional." by K. S.
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You all are truly wonderful! "I would like to take this moment to show my gratitude for your kindness and the great job you all did as each of you helped my daughter prepare for her first surgery. You all are truly wonderful! Thanks for your Kindness and making us feel comfortable about the surgery. May god continue to shower you all with His blessings." by P. N.
Thank each of you so much "Thank each of you so much for being so kind and patient with me during and after my surgery. You all are beautiful and I really appreciate everything you’ve done." by K. G.
I am very very very happy "I just want you to know that I am very very very happy with the reduction that you performed. I feel so much more confident about my body and I’m just pleased. – Thanks a million." by C. R.
I am so happy "I am so happy that I was able to benefit from your surgical care and your warm and caring bedside manner. I wish you and your practice the best." by J. A.
Thank you for taking good care of me during surgery "Just wanted to say thank you for taking good care of me during surgery. You are truly a beautiful person inside and out." by K. G.
Thanks for giving me my superwoman back! "Thanks for giving me my superwoman back!" by R. P.
Professional and courteous staff "Your professional and courteous staff is so refreshing." by L. T.
I wish you the best "I wanted to let you know how I blessed I feel to have found a caring health professional such as yourself to help connect the conditions that had been affecting the quality of my life for too long. I wish you the best." by J. A.
You guys are phenomenal! "I have never had a physician’s office call me and email during my business travel to remind me to carry out a post-operative instruction. You guys are phenomenal!" by S. B.
Thank you for being an excellent doctor! "I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful job you have done. Thank you for being an excellent doctor!" by M. L.
The results are fantastic! "I felt really taken care of and much supported. Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor and her staff were very helpful with choosing the right size of implants. The results are fantastic! It turned out perfect!" by C. C.
Your office is committed to the highest standard "I’ve worked in a lot of physician offices and seen a lot of things, but after meeting you I see why your staff is always professional, patient, attentive and dedicated. These qualities emanate from you. Your office is committed to the highest standard of patient care." by L. M.
Thanks for making my holidays ever so bright! "Thanks for making my holidays ever so bright! Wishing you and yours the same!" by S. R. J.
I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart "I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for turning this surgery into such a transformative event in my life." by M. T.
Dr. B is board certified in beautification! "I searched the internet looking at before and after photos and I spoke with representatives at a lot of offices that performed buttock augmentation. On the phone and on the internet, I encountered descriptions of lengthy OR times, staged surgery procedures, liposuction pictures that looked like buttock augmentation had been preformed but not listed and non- plastic surgeons predominately advertising the Brazilian buttock lift. I picked Dr. Bootstaylor because of her before and after liposuction photos, her excellent reputation in the community and her broad certification in Plastic Surgery. The consult was great and the new sensible shapeliness of my…" by J. J.
Thank you for helping me help myself "Amazing post-operative care and concern! Thank you for helping me help myself. I’m sorry I waited so long." by A. M.
Dr. Bootstaylor is an artist "I am an attractive young lady and I have struggled to reshape my figure. With in one month of my fat transfer and liposuction, I look and feel so different about myself. Dr. Bootstaylor is an artist. I love dressing up now and I am now even more motivated to maintain my result." by W. J.
Thanks for believing in me "You definitely have an artistic eye and I can not believe how you transformed my spirits and my lifestyle. You always had a ready smile and confidence in my result. Thanks for believing in me." by T. J.
I would recommend her office over and over again "The lower half of my body does not match the upper half of my body and Dr. Bootstaylor explained my condition so simply that I believed I could hope for change. I am still healing and shrinking and could not be more pleased by my result, post-operative care and the service that her great office provided. Although Dr. Bootstaylor did not perform a Brazilian buttock lift or buttock augmentation, she shaped the lower half of my body to accentuate and compliment my naturally large buttock. I would recommend her office over and over again." by J. S.
Results Exceeded My Expectations! "I’m a big fan of Dr. Bootstaylor and her staff! I'm overjoyedwith the results of my mommy makeover. Dr. Bootstaylor iseverything I could have hoped for in a Plastic Surgeon. She is a gifted surgeon, caring, experienced and professional. Thank you for my new body." by Karen Rychlik